crawmerax has 4 critical spots that you have to hit to do any damage on it....1 is his eye,under both claws, and his back. when facing it make sure you have 2 or 3 elemental weapons. 1 x4 of each or you have to have fire and corrosive to kill the green crap and purple,the maggot,use a regular gun.when it comes to crawmerax (mobby dik as me and my friends call it) use any gun and make sure you hit him in his crit will need a siren if you want to kill it faster...use phasewalk to hit and run...once done correctly engage phasewalk and move to another pillar and hide there till u want to give it another go.if u r using 2 players have 1 siren and 1 soilder for ammo regen.there r 2 spots to glitch it,when breaking the surface run to the left all the wat and follow the edgetill it stops and croutch in the courner an the other side is the will need to be level 61 before trying this!