Borderlands Enemy Guide

Notes: This guide includes as much available information and will be updated when new information is available.

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Three types of enemies inhabit Borderlands: Guardians, creatures, and humans. Human enemies are Bandits and the Crimson Lance. During the first playthrough you may encounter Badass versions of enemies, which are tougher than normal enemies and drop better loot. Badmuthas appear in the second playthrough and are even tougher than Badasses, but drop even better loot.


Bandits can be found all across Pandora, and are hostile towards pretty much everything and everyone. They are not very powerful, but are usually in groups, or vehicles. Some may have powerful weapons or shields, making them more difficult to take down. Bandit Camps should be avoided unless you know what you're doing.

There are several types of bandits to look out for: Killers, Thugs, Raiders, Bruisers, Psychos, and Badass/Badmuthas. After the first playthrough, Bruisers will be replaced by Brutes

Then there are the two Midget bandit types: Shotgunners and Psychos. Both are weaker than regular Bandits, and should be easy to take down. Midget Shotgunners often knock themselves down from their shotgun's recoil.

If you are fighting a group of bandits then attack from a distance if possible, but be careful of Psychos charging at you. Take care of the weaker ones before going after any more powerful Bandits such as Brusiers.

Just remember that headshots deal critical damage!

Crimson Lance

The Crimson Lance is a highly trained militant group from The Atlas Corporation. They are dangerous, and can be difficult to defeat.

There are a few types of Crimson Lance Units: Lance Engineers, Defenders, Infantry, Royal Guards, and of course the Badasses/Badmuthas to these different types.

As with most enemies, headshots do critical damage.

/Engineers/ - They wear heavy armor which makes them slow, but are more difficult to kill. Engineers are also able to deploy Scorpio Turrets that will give them cover while they shoot at you. Jump over the turret if they have one, otherwise shoot them in the head to easily take them down.

/Defenders/ - Defenders wear the same armor as Engineers, making them slow, but they also carry riot shields, which makes them even more difficult to defeat. Shooting the shield will cause them to recoil, making them vulnerable to attacks. As always, take headshots if you can.

/Infantry/ - These are the most common Crimson Lance units. They wear light armor, so they move more quickly than Engineers or Defenders, but are a little easier to take down. Headshots are the easiest way to dispose of them, but they don't really need any special tactics. Just a little determination, and a bit of cover wouldn't hurt.

/Badasses/ - Badass/Badmuthas have extra plating, and most are nearly invulnerable, except when shot in the head. Because they use the same tactics as their standard Lance counterparts, no special strategies are necessary except to make headshots. So, keep trying, and keep blasting their heads and they should go down.

/Royal Guards/ - Royal Guards are higher ranking soldiers, and only appear when fighting Master McCloud. Sometimes they have Riot Shields, but this is rare.


/Skags/ - These dog-like creatures are speedy, and covered in armor, but pose almost no threat when they are alone. However, in packs they can be very dangerous and loners are rarely found. There are several standard types of skags: Pups, Whelps, Adults, Spitters, and Elders which are upgraded in a second playthrough to Angry Whelps, Feral (replacing Adults), Hawking (replacing Spitters), and Hulking Elders. Alpha Skags are large skags that are stronger than any of the standard skags, and can also come in elemental flavors. In a second playthrough, they are replaced by Hardened Alpha Skags. Badass and Badmutha Skags are larger and tougher than other skags, except boss skags, and are the most dangerous.

Pups, and whelps/angry whelps | Can be easily defeated by shooting, and dodging their lunges. Adults/Feral | Run around them while attacking, and dodge their lunges. Spitters /Hawking | Spitters have low health, so just avoid getting hit by their spit and shoot at ‘em, or just run up and take them down with melee hits. Elders/Hulking | Same as adult skags, but avoid their spit. Alpha | Attack their lower body and legs with an automatic weapon, or shoot them in the mouth while they roar. Remember to keep running around them! Badass/Bigmutha | Similar to Alpha, but avoid their elemental attacks.

/Spiderants/ – These creatures like to burrow underground and surprise unsuspecting victims by popping up and attacking. Like Skags, they are armored, but well placed shots to their bare parts will cause critical damage. Standard Spiderants come in a variety of flavors: Spiderantlings, Workers, Gyros, Soldiers, and the largest of them all, the Queens and Kings. Of course there are the Badass, and Badmuthas that you have to watch out for, depending on what playthrough you’re on.

Spiderantling |Easily defeated by shooting at them, but watch for them leaping at you. Worker | Their abdomen is vulnerable, so shoot there for an easy takedown. Gyro | Again, hit their abdomen, and dodge their leaps. Soldier | Hit the abdomen, but again dodge the leaps, and look out for their ranged attack Queen | These are vulnerable in the same place as other Spiderants, but they like to keep at a distance and shoot goo at you. King | They are more aggressive than Queens, and like to charge at you while slashing at you. Badass/Bigmuthas | Hit the vulnerable spots, and look out for their elemental spit.

/Scythids/ - These speedy winged creatures like to attack vehicles, and are dangerous when they attack in groups. The different types of Scythids are: Scythid Crawlers, Desert Scythids, Giant Scythids, Bursting Scythids, and Burning Crawlers.

Crawlers |They are small and fast, but easy to kill with guns or melee due to low health. Desert | Again, fairly easy to kill, guns or melee will do the trick. Giant | These are much stronger and bigger than other Scythids, but running them down or grenades works well. Bursting | They like to get up close and personal, and don’t have much health, but explode when killed, so watch out. Be careful of them while driving because they explode! Burning | Bigger than normal Scythids, but can be taken down fairly easily with guns. They are resistant to incendiary damage though. Badass/Badmuthas | Run them over if you can, but watch out for Corrosive ones, otherwise shoot the hell out of ‘em.

/Rakks/ – Flying beasts that tend to attack in swarms. Swarms will constantly dive-bomb you, and usually have a feeder or bloated rakk that will drop items or money when killed. Put your back to a wall and get them all to dive at you, and then use an automatic weapon to take them down as they swoop at you. Using a vehicle with a rocket launcher makes this even easier.

/Crabworm Larvae/ – These large creatures look like crabs up front, and slither around like worms. They are dangerous in groups, and will attack with slashes or spitting purple stuff. Hit them in their purple eye for an instant kill, but if you find yourself cornered then just try jumping over them.


Guardians tend to have very low health, and die pretty quickly. Hitting them in the face is usually the best tactic to deal with most of them, but this may be difficult to do depending on what kind you are up against.

/Guardian Wraiths/ – They have very powerful shields, energy swords, can levitate, teleport, and tend to fight in packs.

         However, once the shield is down they are easy to kill. Using static weapons can help a great deal.

/Sera Guardians/ – These guardians fly, and attack from a distance. If you spot their laser targeting sequence, then find some cover. If you can find a low rock, or other low bit of cover, use it to attack from since they have a hard time hitting you over low cover.

/Arch Guardians/ – Don’t get too close to these tall, thin Guardians or else you might get hit with a rapid-fire blade,

       but distancing yourself may get you hit by their more powerful stream attack. Try to keep your distance, and dodge

the powerful attack.

       After about 3 bursts, the Arch Guardian should pause. This gives the perfect opportunity to take a headshot for a

critical hit.

/Principal Guardian/ – These Guardians are bigger than the others, and have high health and shields.

           Fire on them from a distance, and dodge their attacks if necessary.
           Just keep shooting, take down the shields, and shoot ‘em in the head as much as possible.

/Guardian Spectre/ - Very tough Guardians. I do not know much about them yet, except that they show up during the Ghosts of the Vault quest.