RED QUATE MEANINGS Sometimes, I forget to reload... : Unlimited clip/ammo.

A lead wind blows... : Fire two bullets on every shot. (SMG)

Tear it up. : Strangely similar bonus to above. Found on a weapon with burst fire so hard to be certain of exact effect. (SMG)

Makes their brains hurt. : Fires multiple bullets on every shot. (Sniper Rifle)

Feel the sting. : Fire two bullets on every shot. (Sniper Rifle)

Bring the HEAT! : Explosive Rounds. (Revolver)

Ahhh...Fresh Meat : Burst Fire. (Shotgun)

I can do this all day... : Ammo Regen (Shotguns)

Unending Firepower : Ammo Regen (Revolver)

Never stop shooting! : Ammo Regen (Repeater Pistol)

Hallelujah! : Ammo Regen (SMG)

Ammo is no longer an issue. : Ammo Regen. (Repeater)

Beware of the Horde! : Rocket divides into multiple warheads dependant on the distance travelled. (Rocket Launcher)

Drop the Hammer! : (Speculated) Chance to cause Daze effect.

Hold your ground... Forever. : Ammo Regen (Combat Rifle)

2 more bullets make all the difference : Adds a 2 round burst per shot.

Monster Kill! : Fires multiple rockets simultaneously. (Rocket Launcher)

We don't need no water... : Explosive Rounds. (SMG)

Ride the Wave Dude! : Wave of bouncing bullets.

Aim for the Sniper :

I got boohoo :

Walk it off :

Why don't you go shoot yourself an elephant? : Massive Damage, no scope. (Sniper Rifle)

Long and Strong : Chance to Daze enemies. (Revolver)

PEW PEW PEW! : (Possible) Chance for a bullet to home in on a target. (Eridian)

The Cutting Edge : Shots have a chance to ignore shields. (If someone can test if this is a % chance or a guaranteed effect)

Bring out your Dead! :

Pele needs a sacrifice! : Massive Fire Damage.

Give Sick. : High chance Corrosive damage, effect has a chance to transfer to nearby enemies.

I LIKE IT! : Massive Explosive Damage (???) (Sniper Rifle) (???)

It's a painful thing. :

I spy with my little eye... : Massive Zoom. (Sniper Rifle)

The all seeing eye. : Massive Zoom. (Combat Rifle)

The ultimate close quarters feline. :

Omnia Vincit Amor :

Sniper Killer... Qu'est que c'est : Fully Automatic. (Sniper Rifle)

Cross their heart, hope they die : Bullets fire in a cross shaped spread pattern. (Shotgun)

Lightning Never strikes the same place twice, but it can stike freaking everywhere! : AoE Lightning Effect. (Eridian)

Big Tony says "Hi" : Massive Clip. (Repeater pistol)

Guns of the Revolution never fall silent. : Massive Clip. (Combat Rifle)

One Bad Dog : Massive Clip. (Shotgun) [Unsure, please confirm, seems to be the case]

Holy crap it shoot rockets! : Turns each round into a single warhead explosive. (Shotgun)

"I feel like I'm gonna break this thing." : (Eridian) Slows walking speed apparently. Fire Lightning.

BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM!BAM! : Full clip burst when fired. Only while scoped. (Sniper Rifle)

The destructor has come. : Full clip burst when fired. Only while scoped. (Combat Rifle)

Invade your skull. : Full clip burst when fired. Only while scoped. (Repeater)

The living legend. :

The Unstoppable Force! : Rocket explodes periodically in flight. (Rocket Launcher)

I have you in my eyes, sir. :

For the Motherland : Rapid Reload. (Sniper Rifle)

It dives! : Rockets have an arc trajectory. (Rocket Launcher)

It rises! : Exactly the same as above.

Thwack! : (Speculated) Daze Effect? Shield Bypass? (Sniper Rifle)

Smack 'em : (SMG)

It's a helluva thing... :

And they call me maaaaaaaaaaad! : Zig Zag Bullets. (Revolver)

A hunter lives among the stars... Chance to do Random Lightning damage in vicinity of user when fired. [Which weapon class?]

War is in your blood. :

May God have mercy on my enemies, because I won't. : (Revolver)

A beast of many forms - Fire, Lightning, and Poison. : Bullets alternate between the 3 elemental damage types on every shot. (Revolver)

Vengeance is yours. :

Sniper rifles are for chumps. : Some debate over the effect, please confirm.

Your Move, Creep. :

TORGUE! Bastard Guns for Bastard People! : Massive Damage. (Combat Rifle)