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    clap trap locations

    October 24, 2010 by BLfreak

    CLAPTRAP LOCTIONS You can find 10 Claptraps. When you repair a Claptrap, it will reward you with an SDU Backpack that adds 3 extra slots to your inventory.

    Sledges Safehouse Claptrap: The Claptrap is in the North West part of the map near some rubble and close to a stairwell. Listen for him. Repair kit: The repair kit is above you when you are at the waypoint.

    Lost Cave Claptrap:The Claptrap in the lost cave is at the point where there is a T intersection where the bandit outpost area is. (looking at the outpost as you enter) Where one path (left) leads to a dead end and the other path (right) leads to the spiral area.

    Repair kit:The repair box is up the hill (following the rail tracks up and around) and just behind the second or third buildiā€¦

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